Second Day of School

by Doug Norman . 0 Comments

Today I attended the other two courses I’m enrolled in this semester, Planning Law and Urban Agriculture Systems. In the latter we got more preview of content, the various definitions of and rubrics for understanding urban agriculture, with a lot of examples of urban farms, community gardens, planning approaches, stakeholder issues, mapping food ecologies, and so on. All of it sounds fascinating and speaks to my deep interests in food cultivation and preparation. The class will work on a report project later in the semester, researching feasible urban agriculture opportunities in the Colony Park are of Austin. So we get to apply some of what we learn throughout the semester. The Law course I look forward to very much as the professor is so engaging and dynamic.  After some substantial introductions, she talked about how to read and think about case law. Then she talked about the intersections of planning and the law using a real scenario from her time serving on the planning commission here in town, as well as a fictitious one, to get us to think about the kinds of questions planners ask (or sometimes fail to ask) and legal issues they often consider. I’m looking forward to both classes, a very interesting mix of nuts and bolts how things get done knowledge (aka the toolbox) and larger ideas and concepts guiding the way planners interact with developers, lawyers, communities, and other interested parties.

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